Hi Scotty and anyone that can help I have a 1977 Chevy k20 pickup, it ran pretty poorly but started, I tried to tune the air/fuel screw and idle up a bit (it's a quadrajet) and now it won't start at all. I have tried going through the steps of tuning the carb to get it to run again but it just won't start, I didn't screw with anything else so I know it's the carb, watched a bunch of videos on them and I'm at a lose other than it has fouled the spark plugs because it will fire a couple of the cyclinders but won't start, it ran rich before and the choke stuck a little also but I cleaned it.

it may just need a new carb, on those quads, I throw em away when that old and bolt on an edelbrock and NEVER have further problems. Online they are not that expensive

Is there any tips with what I can do to try to get it to run? It's not a project I really want to go dropping money into, it's more of a firewood getter with rust rather than a daily