Hi Scotty, Am in process of servicing the 2001 corolla which failed uk mot on emissions,as you suggested (having cleaned maf & pcv and shoved cleaner thru it,plus a good thrashing, again, as you suggested) obv I understand there are no guarentees these will work, but finance leaves me no choice but to try. The first thing I did was drop the engine oil and low and behold, the filter WILL NOT MOVE. I've done this before on other cars and of course this is home mechanics 101. I'm dumbfounded. Disgusted this simple task is stopping progress. The belt/wrench wont shift it even using paper for extra grip. As you will know there is no place to get an angle to pierce it with a screwie and turn it. Am on axel stands in my yard so hard get any leverage with hands and body and remains forearm power only, which isn't enough of course. I've dreamed up the idea of slitting the base of the filter using disc cutter, then using the blade of a bolster chisel in the cut and trying to turn it from below the stone plate, with a small stilson wrench. Am worried tho that the filter body will just tear/collapse and ill be left with tatters of tin hanging down and less to get purchase on. Is there anything I can get to fit this filter and allow a socket wrench kinda deal to work. Truly cheesed off, man! Dan Stockport

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


that should work, I chisel stuff all the time