Hi Scotty , all the way from south africa cape town just recently discovered your channel and its awesome. It short and to the point. I have a 1990 mazda miata na first of all what do you think about the car besides saying its a hair stylist car? Next thing I have some sort of cold start issue in with the car. When the car starts in the morning it would idle for 3mins and then switch off then i would start it again immediatly idles and witch off almost as if the engine is having trouble when its cold. However iwould get it start after 3 attempts let it warm up for 5mins and woudl have no problem. Il be at work for 8 hour day then same thing whhen i leave work eventually start it a few times and it would be fine. Howver i noticed this only when the engine cold but if the engine is even slightly warm it starts no problem. The strange thing that would also happend is a weird idle dip i would drive fine it would all the way to200 rpm shoot backup this also only happends when trying togo to work or leaving work. Sometime i would start up get it too drive and then it would dip and even switch off when it switches off i can immediatly switch on but i drive in second gear for about 5mins until it has no problems again im sure its related. Please im not mechanic but this is what i ahve done so far changed air filter, changed plugs and wires, changed oil filter and oil a basic surface you could say even set the ignition as the miata forum still get sames problem. Now iahve done a bit more research and it says you need to clean the throttle body or replace the coil pack?? So my question is were do i begin. Thanks for reading this Scotty Cheers do hope you reply!

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they are fun to drive if you're not the macho type. I would definitely clean the throttle, clean the maf sensor, and pressure test the fuel pump to see if it's weak