Hi Scotty! Again today about my 1997 Subaru 2.2 L. I wonder if I have 2 problems, air lock from the cheap $10 thermostat that maybe works intermittently and trapped air from the guy who put it in and didn't bleed the air out, plus maybe the early start of a blown head gasket. I'm thinking I have to first do that trick of run with heat on full blast, let it cool down, and top it off over and over until I get the air out from around the heater core, then after that do the Blue Devil sealer (I want to use that brand) so no fear of air-lock as Blue Devil wants you to idle car 45 mins with heat on full blast and I could get air-lock if I don't get that air out before hand. (I have a bubble every 30 sec in radiator a mechanic said is my head gasket leaking but to be sure I'm going to get a blue dye tester like you use in your video.) After Blue Devil in it I would drive it for maybe a month then get a mechanic to put in a new OEM thermostat (I can't do it for health reasons and apartment complex rules of no working on cars in parking lot.) and then get new coolant put in too so the Blue Devil doesn't keep coating things too much. Does that sound like a sound plan? I'm in Minnesota and tested my coolant today and it's good only to 22 below because a very forthright “good Samaritan” when I was on the road insisted he put water in my cooling system as his answer to my problem and diluted it all. Thanks for all as you've saved me a lot already and I barely survive on my Social Security after I worked low pay for 32 years.
Carpe Diem! Mike

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yes, do the blue head gasket test first, amazon sells low priced kits that work. And yes, try your plan, just realize subs eat up head gaskets, not a very good design. Go Toyota next time