Hi Scotty,

A friend has a 2006 Volvo S40, 1.8 .
When stoping at a red light, the engine revs itself to 3000rpm for 5 seconds and then drops to normal idle speed.
Code : P2110
Sometimes it goes into limp mode and it's like it's running 2 cylinders instead of 4.
What could cause all this ?

Thank you !

those are notorious for throttle system failures, I've changed tons of throttle bodies out on those. But do try cleaning it first with throttle cleaner spray

Well, guess what? a vacuum pipe was not connected AND the intake Manifold is cracked (of course ! it's made of stupid plastic). I'm shocked that I didn't see any Exhaust Manifolds made out of plastic ...

My friend doesn't have any luck with his Volvo. but I on the other hand , have no problems at all with my Honda Civic Type S 2003. It runs like a dream.