Hi Scotty, a few months ago I changed my timing belt on my 2001 Ford Escape. Since then, the car seems to run a little erratically, kind of surging and then lagging while driving but it idles perfectly. (It is not noticeable at highway speeds, just in the 20-50 mph range around town). I was pretty careful to ensure that the engine was at TDC on cyl 1 and used the locating pin designed for this purpose. I also made sure the cam shafts were aligned properly and used the 5mm thick bar inserted in cam shaft ends for this purpose. However, I never loosened the camshaft sprockets during this process as the manual says is necessary, since I was able to, seemingly, align the cams without doing so. (The cam sprocket locking tool is $50 and seems like a ripoff so I thought I would try to go without this step if possible) I am now wondering if somehow the alignment of the cam shafts was off just a hair, since I never loosened the sprockets. My question is two fold 1) can this sort of engine drivability be caused by a slightly misaligned cam and 2) if so, would I be able to loosen the cam shaft sprockets and realign the cam shafts without removing the timing belt? Thanks and I love your channel. You have a great personality and I can watch your videos for hours.

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odds are the belt is off a tooth or so.

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