Hi Scotty, 2010 Ford Taurus with around 46000 miles The air conditioning blows cold. It gets about 42 degrees in the car, but the clutch on the compressor will cycle all the time. I checked the pressures on both low and high side. Low side is around 30 psi. High side is around 250 to 260 at idle when the clutch is on. It's 95 degrees outside. I took it to a shop and they supposedly changed the expansion valve and the two shredder valves in both service ports. The cooling fan goes on and stays on. The mechanic said everything else is fine. He filled it up with the proper change of freon. Which is 26.08 oz. After the first 12 ounces the clutch went on and ran continuously. After about the first 12 ounces the clutch started cycling again and kept cycling on and off even after the 26.08 ounces was put in. The mechanic said it is normal for the clutch to cycle every 10 seconds. He also said as long as the a/c is blowing cold the system is working good. Is this normal? Shouldn't that clutch be on all the time on a hot day ?

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


odds are compressor is going out. see that lot on those