Hi Scotty! 2008 Toyota Highlander...ohs and woes. :)


Hi Scotty! thanks for making time for us!

we have a 2008 Toyota Highlander (thanks so much for that suggestion!!!) with 188405 miles on it. it has an auto transmission with v6 6.5 liter engine on it, awd. we just bought from a private seller last month

it has no obd scan codes
I want to get some body work done as parts are rusted away, and I'll attach pictures of the back of the car. what is that dangling part, is that a part of, or attached to the frame? what is this bar?

I want to change the brake fluid as it's never been done to the owners knowledge, the transmission fluid, the transfer case fluid, power steering fluid, etc. the owner doesn't know if the transmission fluid has ever been replaced but took it to semi regular maintenance at a Toyota dealership.

is there anything I should look out for while replacing the transmission fluid, or any of the fluids in the car. don't worry, i am good on blinker fluid. ha.

a few more things.

there's whistling coming from underneath the hood which we are sure there is a misaligned belt.

there's a noise coming from the engine compartment that we are concerned about upon acceleration. it sounds like almost a gurgle, or a strange rattle. huh?

Also, where we park, we have to use the e-brake to park it overnight. it's on about a 15 - 20° slope. we can park it propped up on a hump, and not use an ebrake, but our car handles funny for the first 5 minutes of driving if we leave it like that over night and I don't want to put too much stress on it.our parking brake locked up on us, and wouldn't let go? can I just clean the rust, or should I get a new assembly? is there any other danger to parking my car this way?

Also, what is going on with this rust...ugh, please don't tell me I got a dumper, but honest answers are very welcome.

thank you so much, your channel has given us courage to get a car and take care of of our car, after our Chevy equinox dumped us on our asses, basically homeless in Los Angeles 3 years ago.

we're ready to rev up our engines! thank you so much, Scotty :)

Joshua and Bianca.