Hi Scotty, 2005 Accord, around 155,000 miles, the car vibrates when in drive and holding brake pedal, I watched your video how to clean a throttle body and mass air flow sensor, I looked inside throttle body around it it looks okay but when pressing down on it to open it deep inside it has a lot of dirt in it, is it best to spray and stick a shop towel inside and clean or just spray and it will disintegrate? and is it okay to spray a lot? Also how do I clean mass air flow sensor, the sensor looks different from the one in your video, it's all sealed and just has electrical plug that goes in.


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Employ a toothbrush (preferrably an old one) to clean TB. Spray TB Cleaner into the can's lid, dip toothbrush into cleaner, then scrub away. Hold Throttle Body door open w/ your hand or other implement while you clean.

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