hi scott this is nor from canada agian i really need your help i just changed my valve cover gasket on the 1991 mazda mpv v6 engine but only the left side cause all i saw was loosen bolts so i changed the valve cover gasket for the left site didnt do the right site one cause i assumed it was just loosen bolts i thighten them i put everything back as it was but now my car wont start before i change the valve cover gasket i never had issue with spark plugs so i didnt change them WHEN I TRY TO START THE CAR IT WONT START BUT CRANKS AND SMOKE COMES FROM THE EXHAUST any suggestions please ??

note: when i was buying the car the battery had white and yellow powder on top and the previous owner charged battery for me before i purchas it was working good when i bhought it never had issue with the battery so i dont know do you think it can battery i dont think so cause i tried with the beam light on and tried to start it i didnt start but the beam.light in thr dashboard didnt go away so what so you think ?

recheck your work area, you broke a sensor, knocked a wire loose, or created a vacuum leak.

scoot can you be a little more specified i mean i dont know to much about the car when u say sensor which sensor and which vacuum leak ? thank you