hi my friend has a vw beetle 2001 it keeps over heating radiator fans won't turn on even when you put the air con on fans won't come on have paid a mechanic nearly 2000 dollars and still not fixed has been about a month without the car and the driver side electric window won't work if you unplug it from the window regulator and plug it back in works fine for about 15mins and stops working again I've had it in to auto electrician couldn't find any broken wires can you please help me with these problems thank you

Me, I'd run a toggle switch to the fans to run them manually. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of often crooked or stupid VW mechanics working on endless money pit beetles (as you are finding out.) They are absolute garbage as they age.


thanks for that do you have any idea about the power window checked all the wires the window regulator works if you unplug it and plug it back in works for 15mins and dies again