hi mr scotty , i always enjoyed your videos , its so simple and amazing , to me you are like Toni Robbins in car fixing, when othets ask me fir help to fux their cars, i always tell othets to watcb your vudeos when they have provlems, but now im the 1 thats stock, i went to the airport with my 2007 prius , to pick up someone, while i was sitting and waiting in the parking lot, so k just relaxed and i was listening to music, then sudentlg entire system shut down and went compmetly dead, i though that couldnt be tbe battery because car was on and runing entire time, i used the key remote to lock n unlock the car and it worked perfectly, but thete was no power coming into the system at all,
i opened the hood to see if there was a relay or fuse , i realized a burning smell from the generator ,
i called toyota to ask what it could be , but ofcourse they refused to answear unless i drop off the car fir them to check,
so i end up calling tow truck
they sent a flat bed truck
due to the system tgat was completely locked
thefe was no way to put it in neutral
so when he started to pull it onto the truck
i see and heard some bad sound coming from the front wbeels , it was like transmision breaking
at this point i dont know what to do and where to begin
if ok please advise me with your opinion
tbank you

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probably time to say goodbye to your prius. i just saw one that way and it went to the junk yard. On those, the generator is part of the transmission assembly and odds are that's now melted down. They tend to do that in priuses because of a lack of a good cooling system for the generator, they melt down and replacement is over 6 grand