Hi. Kia Soul was in home garage during Hurricane Harvey. Water came in about a foot approximately. Nothing in car got wet, carpet was dry. It did, however, sit right there in the garage until the water went down and about a week went by before starting it. Started just fine and next door neighbor is a mechanic and thought it was fine. About 2 weeks after flood though, the car wouldn't start. Tow truck driver jumped it easily. Thought we needed new battery. Kia dealership said it just needed a charge and starter and alternator were fine. On average about every 2 weeks now though, it keeps dying, and the radio and camera for car backup also only work intermittently. Have been to the dealership 4 times, can't find a problem. Have been through three new batteries from Wal-Mart - they said batteries were good but still exchanged it each time. Finally took it to Rick's Hi Tech mechanic shop in Katy and they kept it a couple days, checking it on their computer and it never had the problem so their suggestion was buy a new radio since that is working intermittently and may be the problem. We hate to keep throwing good money after bad letting people try to diagnose it.
Do you think it reasonable this would be an insurance claim due to Hurricane Harvey? It had never done this until within a couple weeks after Harvey.
Would you give me your suggestion on this problem and what to do?

Thank you so much.



2012 Kia Soul

you have a short draining the battery, easily caused by hurricane water. See this video on finding such drains https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B__DqK90IIc

Thank you, Scotty.

Car insurance company denied covering the problem.