Hi, I watched a lot of your amazing video but it's my first time to ask your question about the car. thank you. I have a 2012 BMW 128i, recently I smell some taste of engine oil when I drove fast, and the engine oil is less 20% than one week ago I checked before. I checked the car, does not have any blue smoke when I drove the car. I also checked engine around the gasket, I saw a little bit traces of gas around two screws.
Is that the reason that my engine oil got burned?
what part should I replace?......please let me know. thank you again.

those are minor seepages, not leaking much. On those, more often engines just burn oil from not changing the oil enough then the engines wear inside and burn oil,


so I don't have to replace any parts for my car, but change engine oil often, or do I have to rebuild my engine? thank you for the answer.