Hi! I recently changed my tires for new ones but when I hit on the brakes they stop the car but it feels like there's a hole or a bump on the discs or drums
The front tires have disc brakes and the rear tires have drum brakes
I don't know if the guy who changed my tires messed up the brakes or I don't know. I would like to know what's the problem I would appreciate the help
I have a 2005 Mercury sable which is basically the same as a ford Taurus. The brakes don't make any noise just every time I stop the whole car moves back and forth
I reached out to another YouTuber he told me that it might be that I need to bleed the brakes but I just wanna make sure what you think

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if the only thing they did was change tires, either they sold you crappy tires making it drive weird like that, they put them on wrong, not straight. BUT, "recently" can mean lots of things and if it didn't happen that same day , odds are something just broke like calliper bolts or brake pads wearing out or rotor breaking.