Hi, i need some help my car is vauxhall corsa 1.2 life semi automatic, so what happen i was driving…


Hi, i need some help my car is vauxhall corsa 1.2 life semi automatic, so what happen i was driving and everything was normal then when i was driving at about 60mph i hit the brake quite hard then all a sudden under the fuel screen a " coolant " sign appeared flashing red so i knew it was serious. I drove till the red traffic lights and then after the engine oil service light came on red, again i was alarmed so then i continued driving and when i was heading to the shopping centre car park my car turned off all a sudden so then i re start the engine and went driving to a suitable car park. Open the bonnet and it was smoking heavily "white" smokes so then i put coolant onto it and no signs everything was perfect.

How ever when driving back home, the coolant sign came again the red one and kept flashing so then just before i pulled up the engine shut off and i pressed the gas and it turned on itself so then i parked up quickly and this time no smoke just some fizzing hot sound just under the coolant system.

So i went to drive to my local fuel station where water was available. I put some water into the coolant and everything was now at normal level meaning correct amount so then i started the engine and everything was perfect i drove to the fuel station i pumped up some fuel then next thing you know it the engine management sign "yellow" kept flashing but i still drove off because the car was performing normal then suddenly when i was at the red traffic light the car was extremely vibrating in idle meaning it was shaking a lot so i was pretty scared and then i drove off to my cousins house and then right after i enter a engine management sign comes again with a spanner sign and then i pulled up and the car was smoking this time at the exhaust system and white smoke was appearing.

Also to mention when i put the heater on it was cold at the time so something is really wrong and when ever the heater works its pretty hot then when it goes cold then the engine starts idling hard and big amount of white smoke starts to come and this morning the engine worked perfected no problems at all but when coming home then the car idled hard shaking, engine spanner sign came and white smoke so i don't know whats wrong. Thanks.