Hi, I'm going to be making my final decision this week for what car to buy here is a list. I need a second opinion before going any further. I am coming from a 8th gen V6.

Car #1

  • I will have to fly out and pickup the car and drive it back.
  • Out of province Quebec car with 33,000KM Manual Tranny. V6 -Black exterior, black interior -3M paint protection applied to front of car
  • One owner, no accidents, good service records.
  • Body kit installed Asking price $29,000 CAD

Car #2 -Local car Automatic V6

  • Blue exterior and Tan interior no body kit
  • 19,500KM was a previous leased car.
  • some scuffs on driver side door sills and a small linear scratch on passenger side door. -Jean staining on driver leather seat (can probabaly get it out) -asking price $29,500 CAD

Car #3 (just a extra option) -out of province Alberta car (1yr) -4cyl manual with body kit. -Car drove well has a fair bit of swirl marks on paint (black car) but I could probably get it fixed for a few hundred. -38,000KM asking price $24,000CAD (I can maybe get down to $22k) *my only concern here is will I regret getting a 4cylinder since I'm coming from a V6? *

Now my question is which one would be the better buy. I'm planning on keeping the car probabaly for next 13years. My current age is 23. Have the auto transmissions improved?

Thank You!

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


I'd go 3