hi i just bought a 06 pathfinder and am freaking out cause the engine gets super hot fast however the inside guage doesnt say its overheating but im scared of the transmission and antifreeze mix happening also i know when an engine is hot it messes things up. so i bought a transmission cooler so i could bypass it and the guy who was going to put it in says it already has one (transmission cooler) looks like its from nissan. what can i do to get the engine to run cooler? also the backup camera and radio/navi worked fine the day i looked at it the next day i didnt bother trying it and boom the thing doesnt work it has some kind of short cause yesterday when i touched something it came on but now it wont come on. oh and the horn blows loudly when i click on open doors. im so sad i want to keep the car but im mmfreaking out cause i was already told i need to do valve cover gaskets and w/these other issues its gonna cost a lot. plz help ps i know nothing about cars im a 50 yr old women. thanks

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do this video on overheating first, and pray it's not a blowing head gasket those engines are known for

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