I have to replace the brakes on my new honda fit 2012 sport with about 24k miles. My mechanic said they were very thin.

Is it a good idea to replace the rotors at the same time? I think the labor is almost the same and I can get a good quality brake & rotor combo pack for a good price.

My question is if its better to keep the original oem rotors and just change the brakes or if I might as well change the rotors too since the additional cost is minimal. My mechanic said the rotors don't need to be changed so its optional if I do that.

BTW. I'd contacted you before on my new honda fit 2012. When I first got it, it was getting horrendous gas mileage. Figuring I had nothing to loss I ran a fuel system cleaner though the gas tank and the gas mileage seams to back to a reasonable number. At least highway mileage seams to be around 32 mpg (although I used to easily get to 38 on my old 2009 Honda fit sport). However the city MPG, while better, is now only about 20-22. It should be closer to 27. (Interesting the MPG jumped almost immediately after I added the cleaner, initially to 38 mpg before settling down to a lower number)

Any idea what else I may be able to clean, check, change, etc that might finish resolving the MPG problem? (I already changed the air filter, cleaned the MAF, cleaned the throttle body a little bit, and ran a fuel system cleaner)

Thank you in advance for your help.

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If rotors ar not grooved or heat cracked, warped i would keep origonal.