I have a Vauxhall zafira and I can hear a grinding noise or rumble when pressing accelerator. The car seems to rev a bit too without any relative pressure from accelerator. The noise gets louder the faster I go. It's an auto diesel 1.9 if that helps. Just had dog unblocked, maf replaced and brakes done although there is some squealing.


P.s love your videos very informative and fun.

well, find where the noise comes from first using this video. PRAY it's not coming from inside the engine or transmission, which would be BIG money to fix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqh1oH8mEqY

The noise is definitely coming from the front of the car. I also have the glow plug light flashing now too. It is as if the car has a huge load on it and is straining, when you try going at 70mph in 3rd gear. Very similar.

P.s Thank you for responding! I appreciate you must be a very busy man so this is indeed very good of you.