Hi I have a 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L Track Edition and after the car warms up and I drive there is a knocking sound. It will not sound over 40mph and I've tried spark plug replacement and fuel injector cleaner. But it still shows up. The knocking will only sound when I'm accelerating. Nothing when I idle and it goes away after I apply the brakes. But once I let off of them it's back. You can see how when I give the car more gas the sound gets faster and a little louder. I've made a video to hear what it sounds like https://youtu.be/dMY7G2-lsj4
I'm not asking for YouTube subscribers or likes I just need opinions or any help on fixing it before it gets worse. Thank you

you have something in the drive train knocking, like drive shaft joint problems or worn wheel bearings

Thank you very much for the response this will lead me in the right direction. Have a great day 👍