Hi I have a 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse gs non turbo with a 420a and my check engine light will not come on. I guess I should start when the problem did. In the begging it ran fine and then while driving it would die so I would pull over and turn the key off then back on and it would be fine so i thought it might be the fuel pump so i ordered one then one day after I parked it over night I went to go start it and my fuel pump wouldn't prime and there was no spark from my coil pack. I noticed that my check engine light wasn't coming on at all. So I checked all my fuses and none where bad so I replaced the ecu and still have the same problem then my fuel pump came in so i replaced it and nothing has changed I need my vehicle for work.

classic signs of a bad computer, I assume you put on a used computer, and they are often junk too when that old. If you have NO spark and NO pulse to the fuel injectors, computer or wiring going to it is bad

So I went ahead and checked my wires going to the computer and they where all fine and not damaged or bare so i ordered a new ecu it should be here wedneaday i will keep you updated i hope it fixes my problem