Hi, I have a 02 Toyota camry 3.0 engine that won't start .....its getting fuel but no spark at plugs. I went to AutoZone and bought crank sensor but still no spark....what do you suggest

those rarely lose spark. So start by doing this video, and if you lost spark and pulse to the fuel injectors, either burglar alarm system is broken or main computer. Or the key is bad and won't let the alarm start the car

Omg thanks for reply!! I didn't get the video though. And yes we had a remote start on the vehicle I thought it was bad so I took it out but still no spark and I have 2 keys neither will crank it ...it will eventually start as if nothing was wrong after about ten times

Hey Scotty after being puzzled for hours with no spark no injector pulse ...im proud to say I've figured out the issue!! When you put the key in the ignition the security light dosent turn off...ok does that mean I should get a new ecm and reprogram, or will I have to get a new key transponder and immobilzer and reprogram...lost.