Hi I am not sure if my other post worked so sorry if I have posted twice. I have a suzuki 2005…


Hi I am not sure if my other post worked so sorry if I have posted twice.

I have a suzuki 2005 liana with M18A engine with 209thousand ks on the tachometer.I am having problems with car stalling occasionally and also about to stall often.Worst when I go around a corner or up a slight hill.I have a friend who put a scanner on for me whilst car was not moving just engine running and not running.No codes came up concerning the problems I am having. The car is getting to a point where it is dangerous to drive esp across intersections when I have to stop give way than drive across. The car does not like going from a standstill the car also loses power than regains I never know when its about to do it. coming into my drive way the car almost stops aswel I have tested coils,leads,spark plugs with multi meter with one of the coils I could not get a good consistent secondary reading.So I took boot of and cleaned terminal on coil and also spring.After doing so coil tested FINE within workshop manual spec,I tested about ten times each reading was the same.

Leads within spec Spark plugs old but workable I will replace.

Next I tested Map sensor within spec Tp sensor within spec

Currently testing Idle air control valve no where within workshop manual can I find resistance value so I can test with multi meter Whilst IAC is still on the engine I have placed multi-meter probes on IAC terminals as seen in picture

As seen in picture I got one reading with multi meter on these terminals I could only get the one reading I tried other combinations with probes on terminals.

Should I get more than one reading? and have I done this right to get value of resistance?and is the resistance correct?That was the only one the dial would work on all the other things I have tested so far I have been using the 20K symbol.

I am yet to check camshaft position sensor ,crankshaft position sensor and other sensors. exhaust system.

I did change fuel pump and clean fuel tank and cleaned injectors this did not solve my car troubles I hope I am going about this the right way.

Thanks for everyone's help esp you Scotty with all your videos and thanks for this site.


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Would the above be correct reading for IAC valve and should there be other readings when I place probes on terminals on the IAC for that is the only reading I can manage to get.Thanks for the reply.


Yes, check IAC Valve ...along w/ Engine Coolant (Water) Temperature Sensor.