Hi guys. I have maybe a couple questions but gonna start with my vehicle description then with the…


Hi guys. I have maybe a couple questions but gonna start with my vehicle description then with the problem. I have a 2009 Dodge Caliber SXT 2.0l.

My red lightning bolt recently came on and is blinking and vehicle stuttering while accelerating from a stand still but stuttering stops once it's past 10mph. All i had to do was turn the engine off and back on and it would disappear but this time no matter what i do its still on. Wondering what it could really be...i read alot of questions and answers similar to this question but for different year. What could it be? By the way mine has on a chrome cold intake, if that makes a difference, i got it that way.

A day later i got a scanner and scanned for codes i got three codes when scanning the vehicle, p0456, p0457 and p0113. The first two codes was for an evap leak, i know this because i have a faulty gascap so i know if i change the gascap that will solve that problem for p0456 and p0457. But the P0113 is the Intake air temperature sensor error. I bought a new intake temperature sensor installed it but nothing's changed...vehicle still in limp mode and red lightning bolt still flashing. Vehicle is drivable but limp mode makes it hard, fastest i can go is 40mph and accelerating from 0 to 10mph i can feel the vehicle jerking back n fort as if losing power every second before it reaches 10mph...after that it drives good only it cant pass 40mph...what else can be the problem if i have already swapped out the faulty intake air temp sensor. Atleast thats what the code p0113 was pointing at. Also does the throttle body have a sensor or is it electronically controlled? Thanks.

One more thing, before the ETC (electric throttle control) light came on flashing, which looks something like this )⚡( only everything is red, all i had to do was restart my engine...i was doing this for like 5 days until now it does go away no matter what i do.