Hi, from the great state of Maryland, I am not sure if I am emailing this to the correct email…

Karen Marie

Hi, from the great state of Maryland,

I am not sure if I am emailing this to the correct email address submit a car question, so my aplogies if this is the wrong place.

Question, I have a 2002 F150 2WD pickup truck, with 278k miles. I put a lot of miles on the truck with a mixture of Maryland Country Side driving and Baltimore inner city driving. This is my second F150 and the only vehicle I have ever had that has lasted with over 200k miles. Here is my problem, while the engine and transmission are running strong, the body (cab) is rusting badly. While I was replacing a brake line in July a 10 inch piece of the under body fell off and landed on my chest. I looked around the rest of the cab's underside and found other major body rust spots. I want to reach that 300k mile point, and yes I know that is being sentimental. This is one of those pickup trucks that has history.

Here is my question. This will have to be my last Ford vehicle and not because of quality issues. I feel I have been blessed with very good Fords. The issue is that I will be 50 years old in a few years and have only driven Fords. (Still have my high school 1990 Escort). My issue is that I was looking at the Honda Element, until your Element video. I was then moving towards 2006-07 Subaru Outbacks...until your recent Subaru video. I was moving towards the Volvo XC90s, but my mom's Volvo sedans' turbo died, taking the engine with it, at the beginning of the year. Today, I saw your video about not buying used Volvos, so I moving away from the XC90.

I am, as expected, not rich and regulated to the "mom and pop" car dealers. A friend, suggested to get the Subaru and park it in case of snow emergencies and large family events. I should then have a body shop cut out the rusty sections of the F150 and wield in new metal or attach composite parts. Is this a good plan or should I finally, at age 45, just grow up and scrap the 2WD F150 and just find a 4WD pickup?

Second question, I love your channel and find it informative and a good laugh. Often, during those long country drives, I listen to old "CarTalk with Click and Clack", podcast. Since one of the brothers passed away, NPR has been airing reruns of their show. Your Youtube videos are very funny and you appear to have fun handing out car advice. Have you ever thought about approaching NPR and adapting your channel to a weekly radio show?

Oh yeah, many years ago, did you have a video about F150 spark plug "blowout" repair? If that was you, who made that video, thanks. I made that repair four years ago at 145k miles... and its still going strong.


Karen Marie