Hi everyone!

I am planning on helping my friend replace his clutch on his 2000 Civic EX, 5 speed manual.
I have barely worked on Hondas, I mainly work on Toyotas, so the Honda world is very new to me, thus why I need your guys' help!

So far I have researched and put together these facts about the car in question:

  • Has the D16Y8 SOHC VTEC engine
  • Has the S40 B000 trans (because it's the EX....?)
  • Needs a clutch

Online I found several clutch kits that have caught my eye, but they are either 20 tooth splines or 24 tooth splines.
My question is... what the heck is the transmission in this car?? 20T or 24T? I've been researching for hours trying to find an answer and because the Honda world is new to me, in those hours I've learned a lot about engine and transmission options and combinations in those cars, but I can't find the answer to my question anywhere. Therefore I have no idea what clutch kit to buy.

Any help will be be much appreciated!
Thank you!

get your vin number, call a honda dealer, they can tell you what engine you have. I don't have access to that info

Ok will do, thanks for the advice!