Hi Dear Scotty, I follow you from 6/7 months from Italy, and i’m 18 years old. My car is a 17 years old european car Renault Twingo Mk1, witch its have a 1.2 engine N/A. I have some questions to you witch i’d be very proud to have a your suggest, that is very important for me. I want to also just a little bit but improve its performance, but major is sound. What I could do for few money, without compromise the affidability? It’s a familiar car (my mother) we have also a Bmw but anyway i want not to broke the car or compromit is affidability.... could I put an air filter bigger? Could the engine broke? If I put an exhaust?

Another question is about my terror.... THE CLUTCH.... I have licence from 2 months, in last days I’m going better, but the first months I was obsessed by speed, and I skid the wheel everytime i saw my friend or... ( a cute girl) is a mix of adrenaline... i can’t resist.... anyway, could the old 95.000 km in 17 year clutch broke under my drive? Does it is expensive to repair? I hear just now in third gear a little slip of clutch if I push hard on the gas for just some seconde before car accelerate...... I hope good for it... now i’m not doing wheel skid :-)

Sorry for my bad english

I promise you that I will go slowly... I’m full of guilt feelings, but I love cars since i was kid and is my obsession and a fantastic adrenaline....

Anyway, Had you ever come to italy? What you think about it? Where do you live (city)...? We’ll wait you here a day, se you

Byeeee mannnn

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live with the power, those are weak engines, you soup em up, they will blow. And yes, clutches cost a ton to replace, so slow that lead foot down