Hi all, 2014 Subaru Forester. 2.5L. 50k mileage.

2 day drive from MA to FL with my big dog and a car ful of crap. Last night I stop in Rocky Mount nc to get gas before going to the hotel.

As I stop to get gas my car shakes a little at idle and I get a check engine light. Xmode light. Hill start assist light. Cruise control light.

Shaking only happened at idle and stopped when I got to the hotel 1 mile away.

This morning the lights were still here. No shaking. Oriely scanned the car. P0021, camshaft position sensor. Oriely clerk said I was good to do the 700 miles back home. Called my mechanic at home and he said I should go to a Subaru dealership.

No Subaru dealership in the area can do it today and it's gonna cost about $750 pls hotel for another night. I've got to work tomorrow. I do have gold AAA, with 100 miles of towing if I do break down.

I've gone 50 miles and the car seems fine. Should I keep driving?

Thank you Andy

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dirty dan
dirty dan

Where did you fill up gas at odds are you just got a bad batch of gas