Heya Scotty, I am getting into fixing my own cars as labor cost too much and looking at your videos had gave me more motivation and determination because it is actually easier than I thought repairs would be.

But to my real issue, I have 2005 Suzuki Forenza that cranks but does not start(it makes a whirring noise). It stopped in the middle of the road when we were driving. I borrowed an OBD reader from autozone and i got the code P2610, then i tried to scan it again, nothing came up.
I saw your videos, i check the fuel pump and spark plugs. They are working however i also did a compression test but there was no PSI readings. currently, i am checking the timing belt has not jumped or is misaligned.
Do you have any suggestions as to what is wrong with the vehicle? THANK YOU!

it stopped, your engine went kaput with no compression. Junk the whole thing, OR try a used junk yard engine and pray it's good. NO ONE fixes those washing machine engines these days correctly

Oh man :(, thank you