Hey there Scotty Hw r u I lyk all ur videos and the way u explain them is so good I just need a help here
I have a Toyota corolla 2004 Automatic transmission and it has run only around like 1.6 lakh km the thing is when the ac is on and the car is in the idle state the car shakes so badly that it stalls the car but this does not happen initially this only happens after lyk 20 min and I also noticed something if the car is in Drive mode it shakes lyk as if there is an earthquake there but if it is in neutral or parking the vibration becomes less not that much of a serious vibration.
one more thing also my car sometimes has starting problem also sometimes it needs more than two times to crank it up to start
Can u Pls help me with this??

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check for broken motor mounts, and also try this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQpPcdvSBks&t=40s