Hey there Scotty.. First time connectin' with ya. (small amount of fluff) I lived in Houston for 35…


Hey there Scotty.. First time connectin' with ya. (small amount of fluff) I lived in Houston for 35 yrs, basically all on the West side of the Galleria area.. now I live up near Tyler. Coincidentally... I grew up in upstate NY as well.. Middletown/Newburgh/New Paltz area. Are familiar with these areas? Wasn't sure of the best way to get with ya, so I went this way.. Hope this is good..(?) (End of fluff) Scotty... I have, what I think/hope! is a good deal .. I can pick up a '95 Mitsubishi Galant, supposedly in very decent shape, for a measly $500.. Has only 105k miles on it .. Actually was owned by a little ol' lady, and when she passed, all kinds of paperwork was missing, so, I need to file for a lost title.. No problem. (Gent below will help). I've got absolutely no reason to not trust the gent who owns it, and is offering it to me for this price.. He sells more than 5/yr.. Enough that he has a dealer license, and seems to know what he's doin'. He said all I'm gonna need is a new battery, and, that when he got it, all that was needed, was to change-out the fuel pump. He says that it's in really decent shape (I've not seen it yet, but, I have no reason to disbelieve him.. I worked with/for him for a short stint) &, with more than half the life on the tires still.. It's the 4 cylinder, and that's all the info on the motor that I have. Please tell me your thoughts on this car ??
I've read all kinds of reviews, and they're mixed some, but more are good reviews for the most part, but, I def. trust your opinion. I have the notifications on for ya, and try to catch all your videos... they're great !! btw .. Merry Christmas // Health to ya! God Bless ..! Ciao, and Thanks !

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


go ahead and buy it IF you can get it running with a new battery. But if it won't run, don't buy it