Hey there. I have a 1997 infinti q45. Yes old, but I like and need it. Lags bad often during takeoff. Occasional backfire. Occasionally rpms drop super low right after starting. Already replaced spark plugs, coil packs, MAF sensor, air and fuel filters, valve gasket covers, pcv valves. Cleaned throttle body really good. A lot better than it was but not right yet. Usually only knock sensor codes(sometimes o2 sensor codes) and bad lag at take off, then surges. Should my fuel control module be pretty warm to the touch? Mine is. I'm thinking FUEL PUMP??? Symptoms make engine seem lean to me but not constantly. When it works it works great (hauls ass) PLEASE HELP?

pressure test the pump to find out, but realize those have injectors that ofte wear when that old. Try this cleaning video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKGI9N_yWd0&t=27s

Thanks for advice. I've run quite a few pour in injector cleaners. Still think this may be the problem?