Hey sorry for asking the long question again i still havent got it figurged out. i have a 1996 dodge dakota 2wd automatic transmission and i have a couple of questions. Somtimes when i turn the key it wont do anything. I've changed the battery but it still hasnt fixed the problem. To start the truck i have to use a wire and put one side of the wire into the positive connection of the plug shown in the pictures attached. Once i put the wire in the positive connection i turn the key all the way and then put the other side of the wire into the negative connection of the plug and then the truck will start. Any ideas of why it does this and how i can fix it?

heck, just rewires the stupid thing so power goes from the battery to the ignition switch and then from the switch directly to the starter, or install a remote starter switch doing the same thing (easier job.)

Thanks scotty ill look into doing the remote starter Switch.