Hey Scotty, you da man! I have a 1998 Toyota Tacoma. I have been out of the country for the last four years and my truck has basically just been sitting, except for when my sister would start it once a week or so. One day it would not start, but would turn over. My sis went through it and changed burnt out fuses, including the 80 amp. Still no fire. When I got back I looked at the fuse box under the hood and noticed a blue wire lying next to the 40 amp and the 80 amp fuses. Does this wire connect to one of these fuses? Could it be the root of my problem? Further investigation of the fuses revealed that the 30 amp fuses showed a little corrosion inside of them. It should be noted that my headlights work; my wipers come on; my heater and ac come on, but my door locks won't work and my radio won't come on and all the fuses are good. It's probably something pretty simple and I know that if anybody would have an answer it would definitely be you!

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that old, the fuse boxes often corrode inside and need a replacement. i've changed out a few of them, perhaps try a junk yard for one