Hey Scotty! You channel is amazing! I need your help. I have a Honda Civic 2000, and the issue is, I was driving it and it suddenly stopped in the middle of the road and I could not accelerate the car and it just stopped. The cops and the tow truck thought I was out of gas but that was not the case since, a few hours prior I filled the gas close to 80%. I know its not the battery or the alternator since they were changed.
They think it can be the fuel pump or the water pump. Scotty what do you think the issue could be?
Thanks, Annujan!

OK, wild guess here, check the distributor and if it lost spark, replace the distributor, a known flaw on that model. if not that, pressure test the fuel pump

Just to clarify;

If I use a spark plug to test, and there is spark, would I have to replace the distributor and the ignition rotor?

If there is no spark, does that mean the cable needs to be replaced?

PS: If there is no pressure in the fuel pump I would have to replace the fuel pump correct?