Hey, Scotty. The hydraulic lifters on my MX-5 have started to tick. I know before I bought it, it was sitting in a driveway for months not being used. I have no idea when the oil was changed last. I'm afraid sludge has gotten into the lifters and caused the tick. What's the best way to flush all that sludge out without opening the valve cover? I have seen many people using Kerosene to flush but I'm afraid of doing that since it's not a lubricant and I don't want to seize the engine. Its a lot of money for a set of 16 new lifters without labor and I'm not experienced enough to take the cams apart myself. Thanks!

try rislone , it often can fix that. if not, and car has high mileage and worn lifters,, live with it or spend a fortune. i've seen those mazdas tick for years and still run