hey scotty , thanks for your videos, i have a 2000 isuzu rodeo


hey scotty , thanks for your videos, i have a 2000 isuzu rodeo that has been kicking all my mechanics ass i hope you can help and shed some light on this issue. it started off with it hesitating when under load. mostly when going uphill it would start missing so i was told that it was the injectors, so i had that changed and it started missing more than it was before. so i took it to mechanic number 1, he had me changed cam sensor crank sensor, spark plugs, temperature sensor, and still problem wasnt solved, he had it for 6 months so i took to another mechanic. mechanic number 2 had me changed spark plugs , coil, ecu, icm, and still he couldnt stop the miss fires and back fires. he said he checked the timing aswell. when he plug the harness from the left side if coil the jeep starts, but as soon as he plug one in it cuts out. if he plugs the right side in on the coil it would start but soon as one on the opposite side it stalls out like a short. he is getting a fault code of p1326 and p1310. headgasket is new, fuel pressure is good, coil is new, ecu icm is good, spark plugs all new, what coud possibly be that they are missing? i appreciate any help you can give.