Hey Scotty, thanks for your advice earlier, I did buy a 2015 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder SE model.
It has just over 60k miles. When I took it into Toyota for the 60k checkup service, they said they didn’t need to do a transmission fluid flush yet, as Toyota now has a 100,000 mile service schedule on doing that service for newer vehicles.
What do you think, truth or bologna?

never flush them, just change the fluid. And I'd do it now

Thanks Scotty.
The Camry shakes a bit at low speeds both at accelerating and braking.
It’s got new tires and an alignment.
I can only think of either warped rotors, bad motor mount (low idle felt) or a bad axle.
Kind of strange for a newer car with only 61,000 miles.
Would you have a guess of where I should start?
Thanks Scotty!