Hey Scotty,

Thanks a lot for your helpful DIY and informative automotive related videos and I am certainly enjoying all of them!

Previously I have asked whether my 03 BMW 318i would make the long, Aussie outback-crossing journey and it made it!

However, it seems that my Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) is going bad as when i remove the oil filler cap while the car is running, the rpm jumps up and down and idles very rough. When i put it back, the car idles very smooth. One other thing i noticed is that it is quite difficult to remove the cap from what is seems to be pressure holding it down while the car is running.

I have seem some videos and it seems that it is one of the symptoms of a bad CCV.

I am planning to do the job myself and wanted to confirm with a professional like you before i start this job.

I have replaced Spark plugs and camshaft sensor (exhaust side) with 186600km on the clock at the moment.

Hope you have a spare time to help me out because i really want my car to last a very long time and wish to carry out preventive work on time before it gets to any big issues.

Cheers Scotty!

Peter from down under.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


you can't run BMWs with the oil cap off, it's a sealed system and most bmws will do that when you take it off, it's normal . But heck, that old I'd change it anyway