Hey Scotty, so I recently had a instrument cluster failure on my 04 Chevy Silverado. The trucks battery just died and i charged it and got it back on but cluster didnt work anymore, just tge backlight would but nothing else. A friend of mine tried to fix the cluster himself. He got the rpm and speedometer going but that's all. And the abs, airbag light and battery light stay on. Its doesn't show oil pressure, battery volt, gas, and temp. So I went ahead and ordered another cluster thinking that was it. I received the replacement cluster and put it on and did exactly the same thing the old cluster was doing. I cleaned all the ground cables i can find but no luck. When I turn the truck on it seems to act up with all the interior lights and at times the buttons on the doors or other buttons don't work. What else can I do?

those clusters are cheaply made chinese junk. BUT, the old one may have shorted out the wiring or the body control module, seen that many times. Good luck