Hey Scotty! So I have an 02 Civic and posted on here the other day. I didn't hear from you, but from another member of the community. I just replaced the alternator and battery in my car. It has 143K on it and I'm the second owner (bought it at 136K and have only had it since December of last year). I noticed when I'm driving and lightly depress the throttle, the dash lights and headlights dim slightly and when I let off the gas, the lights brighten. If it's higher in the rev range, it seems like the lights are fine, also. I checked all the grounds and the wiring appears fine, as well, which is what another member suggested to do. Given what you're hearing, what else do you think it could be (just some crazy screwball electronic gremlin, maybe)? Initially I thought it was all related to either the battery or alternator, but I just replaced both of them, so I'm scratching my head. I'm beginning to think it's just something I'm going to have to live with, seeing as it's a 17 year old car at this point. Otherwise, mechanically, it works just fine. Any other ideas? Thanks a bunch!

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


weak alternators often do that, plus have the battery load tested