Hey Scotty!

So, I have a grade A pos 2003 yukon and currently it is screaming at me. Nonstop screeching.. I say serpentine belt, boyfriend says alternator, what can I do to find out where it's coming from so I can exorcise this demon, ugh 😩.

Also I have no 1st gear or overdrive... not sure why, sometimes very rarely it shifts wonderfully but 9.5 times out of 10, I have to manually shift from 2nd to 3rd and on the hwy I'm just screwed... can barely accelerate to keep from getting hit in the ass and then running over 3 grand just at 65 mph.

Please help, and by the way you're awesome. Anytime you need a pretty girl to tag along in that sexy stingray of yours, just holler I'm not too far away in dfw.

well, remove the belt and pull on all the pulleys until you find which one is binding. Transmission is just wearing out though, typical on those yukons of that age. do try removing one quart of tranny fluid and put in one quart of lucas additive and pray it lasts a while before a rebuild


Awesome, thank you kindly. I hope Harvey didn't do too much damage for you personally, that was one hell of a storm. I appreciate your videos, you are my go-to for auto advice!