Hey Scotty so I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima that I got about two months ago. It never had ants or anything like on it. Well, today I parked next to a brush area with grass and trees for a few hours. I came back and the car was infested with ants. They were everywhere, doors, on the hood, roof and other parts of the cars. A few of them made it inside. I drove home and opened the hood and all doors. They have gotten into the seams and I used wipes to kill all the ones I can see. I went back to my car later at night, sure enough, there were more of them hiding in the seams. I again killed all the ones I can see, but I know there's definitely more hiding in small seams. I didn't leave any food or drink in the car. Plus there were never any ants on the car in the two months I owned it, so I don't think any food/drink attracted them. Maybe the brush was populated with ants and they're looking for food. My question is will they go away by themselves if I avoid parking near the brush or will I have to do something to get rid of them? My concern is they lay a ton of eggs in the seams and reproduce like mad. How can I get rid of the ants?

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Put some ant traps in there under the seats maybe and see if that'll work. They might be in there because of crumbs that may be on the floor. Try vacuuming your car too.

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