Hey Scotty,
Repeat issue i asked tou about before. I have a 2009 honda accord, 4 cyn vtech engine. Recently got a check engine code on it p3047. Cam sensor error code. It seems to run fine. You suggested a engine flush. Which I did but code came right back. Not sure if it is related but I recently noticed that the cruise control now doesnt always engage either. The main light will come on but wont set the speed, however if i shut off the car and start it right back up and try to use the cruise it will work fine. Really need to fix the check engine issue for it to pass emissions for inspection. What should be my next step?

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odds are it has nothing to do with cruise control. But those vtec engines have problems up the wazoo with oil sludge build up. remove the filter for the system to see if it's clogged, and also check the actuator valve, it has a filter screen in it too