Hey Scotty ... Recently i have watched your videos .. And i got a lot of good experience from you .. so first i want to thank you for your information ... Sec. i want a little help from you .. I have a "Ford Escort" 1998 .. um working in my car by my own hand , but i cant replace the clutch wire .. how can i attach the wire into the clutch in the gear box.. i do attached the wire into the pedal from the inside. but its very hard to attach it to the clutch stick itself .. could you please help me ... Thank you in advance

it is a no fun job, but get as much slack as you can, sometimes you remove everything, put it on the clutch first, then on the pedal

i removed everything already and its clear now .. but how could i attach the wire to the clutch first then the pedal as it will be very very hard to attach the wire to the pedal ? knowing that the pedal is not adjustable.