Hey scotty, question, i just bought a 2018 jeep wrangler sport unlimited automatic. i took it on a dirt trail with mud and sand a week ago, and now im hearing a mid pitched whine when the engine is in 2nd gear going at 1800-2500 rpm into 3rd, the sound stoped at high gear regardless of rpm or speed. did not do any water crossing, no mud pits, or rock crawling. but did saw some sand and dried dirt around my engine bay. Could it be the sand got on to the belt? Or is this something else?

Oh sorry also, went off to the trails when the vehicle is at 561miles on the odo, no harsh driving before that. Did drive the jeep in 4 high and low on the trail

many things could have done that, but they do have warranties. Take it into the dealer, let them fix it Realize Jeep/fiat make pretty crappy vehicles these days but they do have to warranty them free