Hey Scotty- PLEASE HELP! I'm watching live (I think) -TRANS WHIRRING not Whining in reverse.

I love your channel and personality!

Here's the deal- bought a 2004 Nissan Armada. 2WD.

The thing started acting crazy around 50 mph and I thought it was the transmission, so I drained as much as I could and replaced as much as I could with Global synthetic as recommended by the guy at OReilley who works there part time but his full time job is as a tech at the Nissan dealership.

I did not completely flush it. He said just to drive it a couple hundred miles then drain as much as I could and replace it again. Also recommended that I put some Lucas Trans Fix in there, which I did.

Nothing changed so I took it to a local well respected transmission place. He checked it out and said nothing was wrong with it.

Turns out what was making it shudder was the #8 cylinder misfiring. So, I did all new plugs (iridium) and a new coil on #8. Voila, fixed.

BUT NOW about 1000 miles later the transmission is slow to go into reverse. It whirrs when you put it in reverse. Not whines, just Whirrs. Then eventually it will go in reverse. I did not replace the filter btw.

Is it possible that it's just the mix of different fluids?

I really need the help right now. Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Best regards,

Jonathan Smith

it's not live now. transmission is probably going out, knowing nissans, they make junk. I would warm it up and sell it FAST rather than spend thousands myself

Thank you Scotty. I saw that in one of your previous episodes.

@JonathanSmith. When you sell that Armada, get a Toyota Highlander. It can last you up to 30 years.

Thanks Anthony. I've always been a Toyota man. Had a Landcruiser and a Lexus version Lx450 and loved them both. This thing is a piece of trash compared to them. Still, though, how do I get it sold fast, with the transmission whirring in reverse? It whirrs then grabs.

I was so proud of it after "fixing it" with the new Iridium plugs and the coil. Now this BS. I've always heard not to replace the trans fluid if it was working and wasn't burnt. But it was shitty and the coil pack threw everyone off on it acting like that. Any ideas? Seriously? Thank you. Did I eff it up by replacing most of the fluid?