Hey Scotty, my wife was driving my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee home from work Friday (about 20 miles). About 3/4 of the way home, it suddenly felt like the left front tire was flat. By the time she had merged into the right lane and was about to pull over, it went away. She was going about 45 mph. Then when she was almost home, it happend again briefly and when she got home and parked it, there was a burning smell. On Saturday, I looked it over and took it for a test drive and couldn't find any issues. I have been driving it to and from work all week (40 mile round trips) and haven't had any issues. It hasn't been pulling left or right or making a clacking noise or anything. I took it to a shop today just to see if they could find anything and they said that the driver's side axle is loose and needs to be replaced. They quoted me $400. Does this seem like a legitimate reason and price? Also, is there a way to check it myself to see if it is "loose" since I'm not having any symptoms? Thanks in advance for any and all of your help!

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a worn axle will do that, but so will a worn tire with a broken internal belt. Swap tires first to test that theory out