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Hey Scotty,

My name is Tomas Crozier and I am a musician who just moved from Chile to the states to study. I spent my childhood being a car fanatic but in my country, there never really was that much space to modify or work on your car due to restrictions set by insurance companies and state law, etc...

But now that I am here in the USA, I got a job and am looking to buy a used car under 5k. As a kid, I grew up surrounded by honda motorcycles and my uncle even rallied in some in my country. So I am a big import guy but I do like some European brands... I noticed the huge market for what I consider to be 90's classics in terms of imports and I would just like to hear your opinion on a guy that just wants to buy a fun car to learn how to tinker with and a fun car to drive for a budget of 5k or less. These are models that never made it to my country and would like to hear your opinion on! Thank you!

Mitsubishi eclipse 1995 gst (my favorite of the bunch but I've heard it's unreliable) Acura Integra dc 2 GSR or any Integra from 91-99 (more common and a bit slower but its tecnically a honda and hondas are great haha) Toyota Celica 1993 all trac or any Celica throughout 90's (worst looking car of this bunch but apparently really reliable) Nissan 350z (heard the trans loosens up a lot after some years but besides that a fast sporty car that looks good) 90's BMW e36 M3 (heard that they are a pain to maintain but they look good, four-seater, really nice inline 6 that seems to be reliable)

Please let me know what you think! And thank you so much!

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Toyota all the way. Scotty himself owns a 1994 Toyota Celica. Parts easy to get. Toyotas are quite DIY friendly. I'd get a Corolla, it's even easier to work on than Celica.


Look for a Honda element

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